The Snow Queen

Cartier 201214 114

There are plenty of interactive activities waiting for our little attendees, all based on Andersen’s fairy tales. To begin with, kids set off to visit Kai and Gerda. They explore Gerda’s house and sit in a wooden rocking chair, study books with pictures of birds and animals, and play with wooden toys. In Kai’s house, they are going to find a magic mirror and see its distorted reflections. They can walk around a flower garden and play among enormous flowers. In a robbers’ hideout, a shooting room is waiting for boys, and in the meantime, girls can dress up a little robber girl. The main fun activity is yet to come! Kids also get to explore a shining-white palace, with paper snowflakes flowing from its towers. Our guests can slide down a ‘snow’ hill, roll about in an ‘ice’ pool filled with little transparent balls, and ride a snowflake-shaped merry-go-round. At the end of the evening they all come together to watch The Snow Queen paper play.

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